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Wedding photography for us, is mainly you. We focus on showing the truth, real, honest emotions, warm relations, thrills. Both, in photos and in film, we consider each wedding as an individual event, we do not pose, nor do the cliches, but try to document it in an original and unique way, catching meaningful moments and gestures.

Usually we try to stay unnoticed as much as it is possible, to witness these genuine, unposed moments. Sometimes we play with kids or make jokes with granma, so that your guests feel comfortable around us. When looking at film or photographs we want you to actually feel the atmosphere of that time. With no stereotypes nor copying, but with celebration of pure love.

Travelling is our life. As google says, we go around the globe at least once a year and we do know, finally, how to pack to a hand luggage. As for the couple or family photo shoots, we often encourage you to travel with us, someplace further or closer, to search for new places, cities, beaches, surroundings, bars. We have a theory that while traveling, we become a part of the place, we see ourselves and others in a broader perspective and we understand more. We share the adventures and memories together with you, and hope you will remember them forever when looking at the pictures.

In our free time, just for a change, we photograph. We wander through cities and exercise our eye-camera skills, looking at people, situations and each other. Marzena loves flowers and aspires to be able not kill every plant in our house. Adam likes playing the guitar, spending long hours in the internet and riding a bike. Most of all, we like summer, warmth and the Sun. And also stupid jokes, Thai food, sarcasm, coffee, film and cheese cake.

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We are members of the ISPWP International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers. In 2018 we won the 1st prize in prestigious Rangefinder Magazine competition in category Family Photography. Our wedding pictures have been also awarded in Rangefinder as photos of the day. Our works have been numerously featured at LooksLikeFilm website for wedding photographers. One of our wedding documentaries has been featured at Boho Weddigs Blog, presenting the most beautiful boho weddings from all over the world.

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